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This colorful and sexy SF thriller is set in the late 21st Century when major land masses have been submerged by rising oceans and the Earth is a world of water. Russell is a hydrologist, based on the giant floating platform of Pacifica; his lover, Eric, one of fifty Aquarians, is a new sub-species of human who can breathe underwater. When the pair refuse an attractive offer for Eric's services on a suspicious salvage operation, Eric is kidnapped and a fast-paced intrigue starts to unfold on the "acorn principle" ... a small event turns out to be the key to a major war which would involve the whole Pacifica region.

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Novel length: 125,000 words
Rated: R (18+; sex, violence, language)
Publication date: 2008
Publisher: DreamCraft
Price: $9.99 - ebook
Cover: Jade

FORMATS: Kindle, epub, PDF, STANZA for iPhone etc., paperback

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You have to chalk up a mark to this book, because the plot and characters actually survive the machete-job done on the project by a publisher [the publisher in question was Millivres, not DreamCraft!! -ED] that found a way to get more slipshod than it's norm! I've read the interview segments on the Keegan webpage here where Keegan tells what happened. Shi-!! It wasn't copy edited! In light of that, three cheers to Keegan for getting AQUAMARINE as good as it was. The typos and type-setting mistakes do intrude now and then, but the story is fully engrossing. I started reading late at night, and wound up looking hungover the next day. The saga of Eric the gill-breather and Rusty Grant, the geneticist, is a very different, very fresh kind of story. If you might be tempted into thinking AQUAMARINE is something like that Kevin Costner flick that drowned at the box office, you'd be wrong. If I have one criticism (apart from the typesetting choas, which Keegan isn't responsible for), it's that I think MK passed over (glossed over??) the set-up for the Drowned Earth Scenario a bit too fast. I personally would have liked a lot more set-up and background on this ... but I also see AQUAMARINE is well over 300 pages. Loads of technical stuff might have pushed the book into the too-long cateogory, and anyway, lots of other readers could have wound up skipping whole chunks of the book to actually get away from the scientific stuff. After just coming thru HELLGATE (wow), I have to guess Keegan actually wrote in the science and then edited it back out for readability and overall-length??? despite the gloss-job on the science background though, the watery world in the book is described so richly, with such reams of detail, [the novel] doesn't suffer overall for having some techno stuff missed out. Another great read.

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