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All tites on this website feature GLBT characters and situations. If you will be offended, please read no further. By further exploring this site, you agree that you are of age in your part of the world, and are fully aware of the content of books and art displayed here. All images on this site are copyright. Site contents © DreamCraft, 2011
an overview of the NARC series ... cult gay science fiction by Mal Keegan. Publishing history back to the first edition, and a look at the brand-new 2008 covers.
the NARC covers by digital artist Jade ... a montage

The Nicholas Hoar cover for the 1993 GMP issue of DEATH'S HEAD and the 1994 GMP issue ofEQUINOX
the GMP cover for Death's Head, 1992 the GMP cover for Equniox, 1993
It all began with DEATH'S HEAD, originally published in 1991, in abridged form by GMP in the UK. A year later came EQUINOX, the second of the Jarrat and Stone books ... and then a ten-year lull while GMP, as a business, wound down and merged itself into the much larger Millivres-Prowler Group.

Not until Mel Keegan entered into the current creative partnership with DreamCraft Multimedia did the NARC books stir back to life, and they took off 2004/05 the way they should have fifteen long years ago!

The third novel, SCORPIO, was published in September 2004, and Mel has dusted off old notebooks: the story outlines for NARC books which were planned and of necessity shelved, so long ago.

Next came STOPOVER, which we whimsically called 'NARC #3.5," since it's a slim volume which falls between SCORPIO and APHELION. It's the same length as most of the SF novels of the 1960s — about 44,000 words ... and MK had actually intended it to be the prolog to APHELION.

Halfway through the writing, we all realized Keegan had 'done it again,' and the novel was going to run way too long. We cut STOPOVER out of APHELION and released it as a stand-alone early in 2007, while APHELION followed along later.

The NARC books became not merely a possibility, but a reality, with the DreamCraft reissue of EQUINOX, and a year later, the restoration of DEATH'S HEAD. The project was an immense task, but the book was shipped in March '04, and reception from readers has been overwhelming. Advance orders were several times more than we had expected, and the reader response has been better than we could have hoped for (and we'd already had high hopes to begin with).

Early in 2008, DreamCraft switched over to printing and binding in the USA/Can and UK/Eur, using the services of the POG 'giant,' Lulu.com.

To celebrate the move, we struck an entirely set of new covers.

Mel Keegan's readers frequently disagree on what might be their favorite book or genre, but on one issue they're solidly in agreement: gay-themed science fiction doesn't get any better than this! (Having said that, however, we can hear a wail going up in the background, from the folks who actually prefer the historicals. In fact, 25% of readers do prefer (gay) historical fiction, and something like 10% read mostly only contemporary fiction. Guys — name your poison, as the saying goes: the odds are excellent, you'll find it in these pages.)

Want to know more about NARC? Click here for a collection of articles, interviews and features which open a window into this amazing world!
The covers for the 2012 reissue of the whole series:

the 2008 cover for Death's Head the 2008 cover for Equniox the 2008cover for Scorpio

the 2008 cover for Stopover the 2008 cover for Aphelion

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