gay books: Cry Liberty
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362pp, 6" x 9" trade size paperback
cover by Jade
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The Colonial Wars have exploded across the face of Omaru ... the unknown, unknowable Zunshu have begun to devour the worlds beyond the storms of the Rabelais Drift ... the Confederacy can only try to tighten its grip on the Deep Sky ... the last of the Resalq fight a covert battle for the survival of all ... and Harrison Shapiro’s war — the desperate struggle for the liberty of the every soul on the ‘deep frontier’ — might die stillborn. Curtis Marin and Neil Travers are at the spearhead of action which will take them from the heights of On’rabi to the deepest pits of city bottom, on a world under siege ... and the future of the new worlds of the Deep Sky will be found in the dark heart of Hellgate. self.

Mel Keegan’s name is a byword for thrilling gay adventure in the past, present and future — MILLIVRES on Aquamarine.

reviewed by AriciaGav
These books get better: every one is better than the last, and that's saying a lot because THE RABELAIS ALLIANCE was great. But now, the characters are so well-known, and the backgrounding is so rich, the whole thing is "real" ... which sounds weird. What I mean is, the HELLGATE universe is so well-known, so detailed, it feels as "real" as, for example, Paris or Tokyo, or some other place I never visited, but I KNOW it actually does exist.

Also, it doesn't hurt that I really like Mick Vidal and Richar Vaurien and Mark Sherratt, as well as the Travers-and-Marin partnership. Something about Mick Vidal gets under your skin and stys with you. After Jarrat and Stone, and Travers and Marin, I like Vidal best of all MK's characters. That's just me. Someone else is going to say, Dermot Channon out of FORTUNES OF WAR, or Bill Ryan out of THE DECEIVERS, or Jack Leigh out of THE SWORDSMAN.

The plot of CRY LIBERTY and PROBE really is one single story. It's epic. CRY LIBERTY has parts that are so "real," they hurt. Like the background characters of Marty Cimino and Avi Hersch. MK's writing hits you with the reality of living in a warzone. There's things you don't think of ... yet you should have, and you hear yourself going, 'doah!'

I'm going to talk about PROBE separately,even though it's so connected into CRY LIBERTY you can hardly tell where they join.