gay books: Windrage
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136pp, 6" x 9" trade size paperback
cover by Jade
$13.50 (paperback)
$4.95 (ebook)

"It's the end of the road ... in a world that's turned to ice!"

Mel Keegan is back in the future ó and what a future. Like AQUAMARINE, this novel explores a post-apocalypse scenario, but rather than it being a 'drowned world, in this opus Mel looks at the 'nuclear winter' situation. Just how would we survive, after the impact of a large, rocky asteroid ...?

It's something like 2025, and both Jon Cameron and Scott Warne were kids of about twelve when 'Asteroid Rodgers' suffered its fatal rendezvous with the Earth. Military scientists tried to blast Rodgers out of the sky, but only succeeded in turning one object (which would have plowed into the northern hemisphere and perhaps left the southern hemisphere mostly alone) into a whole flock of object which peppered the planet.

The scene is the Adelaide hills, right on Mel's backdoor step! ... about two decades from now; but what changes there have been. The landscape, the people, human culture ó everything has been through a 'melting pot' process, and what has emerged is a new world, a new society. Most people are glad to have the chance to start over, but some folks, like Ezekiel Gant, are far from happy. Armageddon happened. It's been and gone. Where is the Paradise on Earth, which was promised to the righteous? And if Paradise did not come about, what stopped it ó and might it be 'wrested out of the wasteland through blood and fire?'

The massive storms are still coming; they bring choking dust and temperatures of thirty below. Worse, when the storms roll in, they drive the 'roadies' with them, and some of these nomads spell trouble for settlements like Windrage, which have just begun to rebuild. Ezekiel Gant is at the head of one savage 'roadie tribe,' and Gant is on a mission.

When a storm drives his tribe, who call themselves the Stone Angels, into Windrage, Provincial Officer Jon Cameron is the only lawman in town. It's his job to challenge the seventeen Stones, and it's a suicide mission. In desperation, he forcibly deputizes a gunfighter who is just passing through Windrage. Scott Warne is furious about being dragged into the situation, but there's instant 'chemistry' between himself and the Provincial Officer, and he's already named his price for cooperation. It's 'Cam' he wants, when it's all over!

If you loved AQUAMARINE, and like an SF romp with a sting in its tail, donít miss this one!

Mel Keeganís name is a byword for thrilling gay adventure in the past, present and future ó MILLIVRES on Aquamarine.

reviewed by Gene L.
I reviewed STORM TIDE, which is also set in Australia, so I thought, when WINDRAGE came out, what the hell, I can review this one as well. WINDRAGE is about as different as you could get from STORM TIDE in your wildest imagination. Take MAD MAX and mix it up with a Clint Eastwood western, then make it so the planet gets mashed by an asteroid impact, but have some folks survive ... you get WINDRAGE. Wow. I want to include this story with the 'exotics.' I'd call it more of a fantasy than SF (but then, I haven't read a whole lot of SF, so if you have, you could say I was wrong). I got very involved with the plot. I was reading on my way home from work. That's another thing, these slim books are perfect for reading on the bus. But don't do like I did. I was so busy reading I missed my stop. Dumb, huh? All MK's fault for making me forget I was even on a bus. Wait! That's actually a Grade-A compliment. But he still owes me a bus ticket.