gay books: Deep Sky
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364pp, 6" x 9" trade size paperback
cover by Jade
$23.00 (paperback)
$9.95 (ebook)

In a place where space and time collide, the future of mankind will be decided ... the new masterwork of science fiction from the acclaimed author of DEATH'S HEAD, EQUINOX and FORTUNES OF WAR.

Continuing the massive saga which began with HELLGATE: The Rabelais Alliance

Six centuries in the future, Mankind faces our darkest struggles for survival, and our only allies are the last, fugitive remnants of the race long believed extinct...

Neil Travers and Curtis Marin are back in action in the second volume of the HELLGATE series.

While the Confederacy tries to use the DeepSky Fleet to crush the breakaway colonies, a handful of rebels may be the only force standing between the new human homeworlds and the shadowy enemy which almost exterminated the last race to whom these far-flung stars were home. The Resalq have survived ... but the threat is greater than ever. On one hand, the Zunshu strike out of Rabelais Space, also known as Hellgate. On the other hand, the government of Earth is determined to bring the unruly colonies back into line. Between the two, the humans of the frontier worlds and the last of the Resalq fight to survive, and the odds are against them. Nothing is what it seems, with allies within the Fleet and enemies among the Freespacers. And when Travers and Marin are assigned to the super-carrier Kiev on the Omaru block- ade, all bets are off, and itís every man for himself.

Mel Keeganís name is a byword for thrilling gay adventure in the past, present and future ó MILLIVRES on Aquamarine.

reviewed by Aricia G.
Just what you needed, another review here from me! (And just to get you really PO'd, I saw the last four chapters of the new Death's Head in the pre-press stages: 'awesome' doesn't describe it!). But this is a review of DEEP SKY, and I promised to be brief. So... Once again I'm amazed. The storyline is as convoluted as the first book and the characters are even better 'configured.' Like they're had time to settle in. I LOVE Vaurien in this book. Then there's the new guy, Michael Vidal ... wow. I only hope MK is planning on putting Vidal into future HG books. I was impressed with the 'worldbuilding' for the 'ice planet,' but my fave part of the book is the high-tension part about the ore-hauler that's going to wipe out Omaru Colony. Wow. More, more!!

reviewed by J. Grenfell
I am so surprised. Not at Keegan's book (which is as good as ever) but at myself. SF ain't my thing. I can't usually stand Star Trek! (Usually only watch for a guest-star etc. etc.). But I got into the HELLGATE novels fast. Maybe because of the gay content, which is called 'slash' where I come from (if you know what that means, you know where I come from!!!). This was the first Mel Keegan I'd read. Then I borrowed everything I could get from friends, and am hooked. Looking forward to the next HELLGATE book, and am one of the lucky early-birds who got in for the DEATH'S HEAD pre-order special. Having a ball with this stuff!