gay books: Crimes of Passion
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Just when you thought you had your life figured out and squared away...!

Brad and Frank have built a great life together in Los Angeles. Brad used to be on the pro bike racing circuit, and Frank came out to the West Coast to work in the California’s music industry. They met at a bike meeting, shortly before the crash that ended Brad's racing aspirations ... and Frank has some skeletons in the closet that are about to come rattling out and refusing to be stuffed back in. You are about to learn why, fifteen years ago, Frank Cassidy ran away from home ... and why he and Brad are seriously considering running away again, at least until they get their house back.

Here is a ‘first’ for Mel Keegan: a situation comedy rich with human detail and sparkling with very 'human humor.'

Mel Keegan’s name is a byword for thrilling gay adventure in the past, present and future — MILLIVRES on Aquamarine.

reviewed by Jeff

For this one, I got the eBook ... actually, for the sake of curiosity. I never bought an eBook before, so didn't know what to expect of them. For those who're interested: an eBook appears to be virtually indentical to the paper version, with one exception. It doesn't involve paper!

One can see a network situaton comedy in CRIMES OF PASSION. Take two great gay guys and add the parents (or grandparents) of one of them, retired, eccentric, out-of-touch in the way they approach the world in general and a gay couple in particular. The predicament invites a gentle kind of humor that's funny because it's very close to the hearts of so many of us. I would defy anyone not to feel kinship here.

These are great characters, too. If I have one lonely criticism, it's that tremendous characters like Brad and Frank (fully backstoried, completely fleshed out, drawn in deliciously meticulous detail) only appear in something as brief as a ChapBook! Would it be too presumptuous to say, "Encore!"