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    MK is the author of more than 40 gay titles, spanning twenty years. The early Keegans
    were published by GMP. About 25 are in print
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    UK publisher Millivres called Mel
    "The Master of Gay Thrillers."

    But MK writes much more than thrillers:
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    In 1992, Mel was nominated for the Science Fiction Hall of fame, for DEATH'S HEAD...

    In 2004, MK was awarded the Stonewall Society's Fact & Fable award, for THE DECEIVERS...

    Millivres had this to say of Mel's Work: "Mel Keegan's name ia a byword for thrilling gay adventure in the past, present or future."

    But don't take our word for it ... or even the word of a major gay publisher like Millivres. Read the reviews, see what readers and reviewers alike are saying about novels like DANGEROUS MOONLIGHT and FORTUNES OF WAR...
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Delighted readers share their thoughts on
Gay stories: FORTUNES OF WAR ... a reader favorite since 1994

Gay stories: DEATH'S HEAD ... nominated for the SF Hall of Fame

Gay stories:WHITE ROSE OF NIGHT ... fantasy, historical, adventure, romance ... the lot in one package!
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Death's Head

Simply love it!,
January 11, 2003 By R.Parklane (Tokyo, Japan)

This review is for: Death's Head (Paperback)
Once you start, you are in for an exciting roller coaster ride. I just could not put it down and finished it in a day. Death's Head definitely ranks with Fortunes of War as my favorite Keegan books. Both protagonists, Jarrat and Stone, are intriguing, sexy and alluring, the perfect heroes of a great and solid science fiction. Their devotion and love for one another makes the book shines. The plot itself is sophisticated and races along brilliantly to an exciting finish. Not really as the future of the lovers are to be continued in Equinox, the sequel which I am desperately trying to get my hands on. Simply a great book not to be missed

Two heroes are better than one, September 27, 2000 By Suzanne Tolbert (Fort Worth, Texas USA)

I like sci-fi and fantasy novels with strong characterizations. After reading this book and the sequel "Equinox", Jarrat and Stone seem like living, breathing characters. I am not sure how many people still read Chester Himes' Coffin Ed Johnson, Gravedigger Jones mysteries. If you overlook the obvious disimilarities, Jarrat and Stone remind me of Himes' heroic policemen. Each alone is good at what he does. Together, they are unstoppable. I would trust my life to either crime fighting duo.

Brilliant complex adventure!, February 4, 2000 By Gillian Middleton "GillianinOz" (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

Set in a high tech future this book reminded me of a japanese robot anime!

We have two great, sexy characters, partners in the paramilitary force called NARC who fight against the vicious drug cartels who run whole planets.

Jarrat & Stone are a great pair of heroes, and the author has created a fantastic futuristic world of high tech gadgets and hardware.

If you like pure escapist entertainment with a terrific story-line and non-stop action then this is the book for you. It also has lashings of great gaysex!

Fortunes of War

The best of the genre., September 23, 2003
By T. Evans "tommythekid" (Reisterstown, Maryland USA)

Fortunes of War is a real triumph in the traditon of historical novels. The fact that the main characters are gay only adds to the fun. This is fiction in the traditional sense - one of characters and plot. The story is spellbinding in the combination of love, lust and adventure. What a nice change from the teenaged Angst of most of those coming out novels. Read it for the pure enjoyment of a story well told.

Simply pure delight,! July 19, 2002 By R.Parklane (Tokyo, Japan)

Fortunes of War was my first Keegan's book. It is so good that it prompted me to acquire all other Keegan's books which are available. Sadly none has come close to Fortunes of War. I do not care for the Spain vs England background. It is the story of the two lovers which gripped me and held me till the end. Our two lovers are such likable beautiful young men, their characters solid and almost real. When they were forced to be separated I felt a tug at my heart and just had to keep on reading until 3 in the morning to savor their reunion. Their love for each other is lusty, breathless yet tender and touching. I am a straight woman and have not touched a romance novels for years. However Fortunes of War has become one of my top ten favorites. I hope the book will be savored by a wider audience and not just men in love with each other.

White Rose of Night

Rip roaring adventure!,
February 4, 2000 By Gillian Middleton "GillianinOz" (Brisbane, Queensland Australia)

Very sexy story set in the Crusades. Gorgeous characters, sweet love and hot sex.

If you're looking for a gay novel that doesn't have anything to do with modern problems or AIDS then buy this book. If you want pure escapism then this is the read for you.

A sexy romp and a darn good story too!

A fantastic thriller romance complete with Lust and Love, January 31, 1999 By "A Customer"

This is a beautifully written book set during the Crusades with all of Keegan's talent poured into a non-stop, action packed love story for everyone. Drenched in love as is common with all of Keegan's books, this time he has gone over the top with his lusting charecters. This is a great read from the start to the finish.

gay books: EQUINOX NARC #2: Equinox

May 2, 2005 By R.Parklane (Tokyo, Japan)

After Death Head, I have been desperate to get this sequel. Thanks to the writer's website, it finally arrived by mail. And it was a wonderful read, as good as Death Head. Just could not put it down. Jarrat and Stoney are gorgeous characters, the more so because they are lovers. The plot just flew by, one rip roaring adventure after another. This is what a great romantic sci-fi is all about. Plenty of action, fascinating world building and of course intense loving which knows no bounds. Glad to have acquired Scorpio, the third book. But will hold on to the week end to start because I do not wish to be interrupted. Mel, Cheers!

Fantastic sci-fi action with 2 awesome heroes, November 19, 1998 By (Dallas, Texas)

When I started reading this, I didn't want to put it down!! It was nice to see a couple of gay heroes who were not written as stereotypes. Ive be reading Sci-Fi for 20 years and this one can keep up with the big boys.

Jarratt and Stone are Back in this Action-Packed Sequel, August 24, 2003 By "nightrunner" (Houston, TX USA)

Captains Kevin Jarratt and Jerry Stone are back and continue the battle against evil drug "lords." This time they take on Equinox Industries a commercial monopoly mining the gas giant Zeus, and suspected of manufacturing the lethal drug Angel. If fighting for truth and justice wasn_t enough, the two lovers also have to deal with the empathic mind bond they developed during the adventures in the first book (Death_s Head). This is a wonderful action-packed sequel, with a lot of romance, and it_s hard to put down. I am happy to hear that, according to the author_s web page, this book will soon be back in print. Not only that, there may be a third book in the horizon. Let_s hope so!

gay books: STORM TIDE Storm Tide

HOW many impossible things can happen before breakfast?,
November 28, 1999 By Jeil (East Anglia) - See all my reviews

This has all the speed of EQUINOX with a sound modern day setting and another very sound relationship between two strong characters. Sean loses the plot at times, but Rob is very believable as the rookie trailing a far more dynamic partner through apparently endless trials and tribulations. Once started, the plot never slows up, which occasionally makes you wonder if the characters wouldn't just collapse from sheer exhaustion in the real world, but this is written in Keegan's usual, excellent and thoroughly absorbing style and keeps you involved with the characters and their partnership up to the very end. Keegan writes real relationships- not always perfect, not always steady, but based on two different people and an enduring love. Rob and Sean are understandable, from the start where they are trying to patch their faltering relationship to the end where Rob's insecurity comes far enough out for Sean to see it. How many writers can get inside people's heads like this? At times I wish the plot would step aside and let a little more of this wonderful detail too, but then this is a thriller. One of Keegan's best - I wish he'd write a few more in modern settings.

aussie gay page turner, December 31, 1998 By "A Customer"

Mel Keegan has been best known for his gay sci-fi novels, but this is a change of scenery, setting a modern day thriller off the coast of South Australia. Our intrepid heroes, Sean and Rob, seem to have a knack of finding their way into trouble, when all they want to do is have sex. While not the most romantic pair ever to have graced the planet, they are the archtypical strong macho characters needed for this novel to be taken seriously by the reader. The descriptions of the trials caused by floods are excellent and gave it a really eerie atmosphere which would make a great movie. Its very difficult to put down, it really rattles along and reaches an acceptable, but a little bloody conclusion. Thoroughly enjoyed, and I'd really love Mr. keegan to produced some more homegrown stuff--as there really aren't too many others writing in a similar genre

A crisply paced thriller, August 16, 1999 By A [Different] Customer

Keegan has paired [Sean and Rob] off with a villian every bit as peripatetic and determined as The Terminator or Jason from the Friday the 13th series. Chandler is a study in sheer human relentlessness. A previous reviewer has cited as a fault the seeming lack of romantic conflict between Sean and Rob. I should say they've got conflict a-plenty! Besides, it is their steadfast, uncomplicated love which helps them survive a very dangerous situation. It also adds a note of sweetness to an otherwise very taut tale. I hope Mr. Keegan is plotting a sequel featuring Sean and Rob. Storm Tide is a hugely entertaining book. But be sure to take Drammamine first.

gay books: Aquamarine Aquamarine

Original Future World: Fascinating & Mysterious,
September 30, 2007 By Kathleen E. Lawrence "CaliDervish" (SoCal Deseert) - See all my reviews

If you are tired of the run-of-the-mill sci-fi/fantasy, swords & sorcery genre; if you are a fan of fine writers, such as: Jim Grimsley, Michael Lowenthal, Trebor Healy; if you enjoy the tales of: Tanith Lee and Storm Constantine, then plunge into this unique intriguing future world. A wonderful original romantic thriller which takes place after Global Warming has all but destroyed the earth which is now mostly covered by ocean. The gay characters are refreshing and enjoyable, albeit one is a "new aqua-human". Keegan is a treasure. After reading this, I will seek out all of his other works.

What Waterworld should have been, February 26, 2001 By Suzanne Tolbert (Fort Worth, Texas USA) - See all my reviews

First, I must admit that I love the sea and anything to do with the sea, so the idea of a book about the world after global warming has eliminated most of the world's land masses which DOES NOT paint a gloom and doom picture appealed to me.

For those who like the technical aspects of science fiction, this book is full of speculation about how and why human civilization could survive a disaster of these proportions. The introduction of a new species of human, genetically engineered to breathe under water will strike many as implausible (scientists just aren't that good yet), however, once you accept the presence of these characters, the rest of the story falls into place. And, unlike some science fiction, this novel has a plot, complete with mystery, suspense, villians and heroes. Oh, and it has likable, well developed characters, too.

Gay Pride meets WaterWorld, February 1, 2002 By Stephen J. Voss "sjvoss" (Pearland, TX USA) - See all my reviews

Keegan's writing style is light, descriptive without being verbose, humorous where appropriate. It was a pleasure to find gay characters portrayed as simply an accepted part of their society, taking part in community life like we really do anyway (but can't talk about it at this time.) Even readers who dislike science fiction will be able to appreciate this story - the science is not overwhelming and is worked into the plot in good fashion.

The intense action scenes are fast-paced, the romantic interludes are gentle but passionate, the politic wrangling is low-key. This book made me smile a number of times; I put off any work-related reading for 2 short evenings to reach the end of the story. Worth the while.

There are many more reviews at Amazon, and you can easily find reader reviews of Mel Keegan's novels all over the web. We can only include so many on this page, and we've tried to give a good cross-section.
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Gay stories - DANGEROUS MOONLIGHT ... current readers choice historical
459pp, 6" x 9" trade size paperback - $23.99 + shipping; ebook - $9.95

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Cover notes:

In the style and spirit of FORTUNES OF WAR comes this rollicking gay historical set in 1727 ... in the world of highwaymen, of duels fought over honor, fortunes won and lost at the gaming tables, and romance that fairly sizzles.

Our heroes come from vastly disparate backgrounds. Harry Trevellion was well bred and would have been a gentleman if his father’s estate had not been lost ... and Nicholas Grey is the favorite son of a wealthy man, who was born ‘on the wrong side of the blanket’ quite by chance! Nick’s brother, Paul, is a wastrel, a scoundrel who is only waiting for their frail old father to pass away. He’ll ruin the family ... and he scorns his illegitimate half-brother, though Nicholas is doing difficult, dangerous work for their father.

Nick’s job is to courier jewelry safely between manufacturer and client ... and it’s only a matter of time before he runs into the irresistible rogue, Harry Trevellion. The two share a stormy relationship until the day Paul Rosewarne has been waiting for arrives: the master of Rosewarne Hall passes on ... and the quirks of an old man’s last will and testament put Nicholas behind bars.

It’s a world of swords, pistol duels, midnight chases, deceit and sheer sensuality, in a time when fortunes could still be made ... and lost. If you loved Mel’s other historicals, including FORTUNES OF WAR, THE DECEIVERS and WHITE ROSE OF NIGHT, don’t miss this one!

Reviewed at Rainbow Reviews

Reader reviews for this novel, and many more are available on Mel Keegan OnLine
Here's just some of the thoughts
shared by delighted readers...


Don't you love a huge piece of work that's layers and layers deep, where you lose yourself in the characters, and the research is so detailed that when you stop reading it's reality that feels unreal, because the book was so real it 'beamed' you right into a 'nother-time-'nother-place.

DANGEROUS MOONLIGHT is MK's first historical in eons. I'm one of those weird ones who actually prefer historicals over SF (and I know to duck when I say that ... the rest of you have gotten me waaay outnumbered).

As they say, 'it was worth the wait.' This opus has all the wealth of detail you find in FORTUNES OF WAR and all the action you find in THE DECEIVERS and all the depth of characterization you find in WHITE ROSE. It's also great that MK lets the characters 'talk properly.' By that I mean he doesn't have them rattling on in stilted language, like 'faux-Shakespeare.' That gets real old, real fast, and a lot of historicals suffer that way (MK's being the welcome exceptions naturally). In DANGEROUS MOONLIGHT it's like he took the dialog of 1730 etc. (which I don't think you'd understand ... like trying to follow Shakespeare almost) and translated it into speech that sounds 'real' to people in our era. Great job ... handsome heroes ... derring do ... swashbuckling ... and a feel-good ending. What more could you ask for? Oh yes, and some hot sex, too :)


This has to be my fave MK book of em all. I had to fight for the book. I put it down and couldn't find it again. My roommate had half-inched it. I didn't even know he read gay fic but i couldn't get my clammy fingers on DM again for a week, even though i was the one that paid for it! (I know i know, i told him to get his own) I grew up with swashbucklers. I'm not that old, but my mum was a big Errol Flynn fan. By the time i was like 9 i could see why < evil grin>. Anyway, DM is another one of MK's best ones, like FOW, and they're like a swashbuckler come to life and turned gay. Whooooooo!! Gotto love Nick and Harry (don't ask me to pick a fave ... I'll take em both! At the same time!!) Great story, great detailing. I do like SF too but i wish MK would do more like this one. Rating: at LEAST six stars out of five ... I never was able to figure out counting...

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Gay stories - TIGER, TIGER ... near future science fiction, with a sting!
136pp, 6" x 9" trade size paperback - $13.50 + shipping; ebook - $4.95

Buy the paperback here: Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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Cover notes:

In the world of 2073, the tiger is technically extinct in the wild, but as a species they’re flourishing ... they have been genetically redesigned. Their genes have been ‘tweaked’ to reduce their size to that of a large dog, and they’re popular ‘exotic pets.’

Few people care any longer that the wild tiger has vanished from the Earth. One of the only concerned individuals left is an eccentric, aged billionaire, Cass Vandermeer, who owns vast tracts of northwestern Tasmania ... and it’s here, in 'the Tarkine,' one of the last wildernesses in the world, that a handful of real, un-engineered tigers still live in the wild. The ‘park’ is managed by specialists who have spent their whole lives with these animals. So, when a ‘gene smuggling’ racket is uncovered a ‘can of worms’ with far-reaching consequences is opened, and the result is sudden violence and action, in the true Mel Keegan tradition!

Meet Sonny Moran and Alec Finch, two of MK's most delicious heroes. They're ranger and copter pilot, respectively, and that's Sonny on the cover, in the painting which inspired the story (see below!). And meet Poul Kolosimo and Andy Nardelli, the two VR-filmmakers whom almost everyone wants to strangle for one reason or another.

But who are the gene smugglers? How did they get into the Tarkine? And more importantly, how are Sonny and Alec going to keep the genetic materials of authentic, wild 'thoroughbred' tigers out of the hands of unscrupulous entrepreneurs, who are equally as vile as the drug lords of an earlier age. Exotic near-future SF, with a twist of technology, and a spicy gay romance.

Reader reviews for this novel, and many more are available on Mel Keegan OnLine
Here's just some of the thoughts
shared by delighted readers...

REVIEWED BY Buckeroo Bonsai

With each masterstroke, Mel Keegan paints a rich portrait of a near-future world which is alarmingly familiar. Picture, if you will, the last wilderness in the world. Humans have covered the globe like a virus, species everywhere are but a memory, cities have sprawled across the continents. You travel to the end of the world, literally, to find the last tract of wilderness: a place called the Tarkine.

And it's a real place, in the northwest of the island of Tasmania, just off the southern tip of Australia. In TIGER, TIGER, this part of the island is privately owed, which means it can't be logged, turned over to "pine plantations," mined, turned into a celebrity vacation resort, or another city. It's owned by a very old man who's still on a mission: preserve the last surviving fragment of the wilderness ... and preserve real, genuine live tigers. In this tiny patch of paradise live the park rangers who safeguard the Tarkine and the tigers.

Without delay, you meet Sonny and Alec. Warning: be prepared to fall in lust, if not in love! And into this snipped of paradise come the villains ... the gene smugglers, whose industry will make your blood run cold (if it doesn't there's something wrong, all your spark plugs are not sparking).

The text is quite brief (the book is 136pp, with gorgeous illustrations) but the story is amazingly complex, and so richly detailed, you might read it in an afternoon but you will be haunted by it for weeks. This reviewer could happily spend a whole novel's worth of reading time in this "Keegan future," and has read TIGER, TIGER several times. Heroes, villains, exotic locations, gay romance (and sex) ... and of course, tigers. What more could you wish for? As an artist, Mel Keegan has evolved in recent years. The "Master of Gay Thrillers" (Millivres) has become the Master Craftsman. Consider me subscribed.


Hi. I never reviewed a book before but I have to add my nickel's worth about this one I guess cuz I love tigers so much and Keegan seemed to hit the nail 'right on' with this story. I liked how the tiger that was a major character in the story was not 'anthropomorphed' (can't spell that,but you know what I mean) but was let to be a real tiger, so you could really believe it. I'd like to see more stories about how it works out for these guys ... yeh, I liked the guys too! Also great plot. Can I get a printout of the cover art??? [You can get it on a card or a mousepad from out giftstore; it's also avaiable as a wallpaper in the Members' Area - ED]

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Gay stories - THE SWORDSMAN ... fantasy fiction, with superb gay style!
284pp, 6" x 9" trade size paperback - $22.95 + shipping; ebook - $9.95

Buy the paperback here: Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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Cover notes:

Jack Leigh is a soldier of fortune, far from home. He's a brilliant "sword for hire," but in the dangerous Riverlands dukedom of Rhondia he gets more than he bargained for...

Treachery, treason and dark magic form swirling, powerful undercurrents in Rhondia. Along the canals and in the menacing heart of Nimmenwald forest lurk unimaginable threats — the bo'zhe, the Lappai, barbarians from Saihabara and the unknowable forces out of Nimmenwald Deep itself.

At the crux of the vortex of magic and treachery is the heir to Rhondia, Michael Sebastian — "Seb" — d'Astaghir. Haughty, moody ... haunted by the goblins of memory, Seb is in terrible jeopardy. It's only by luck that his old friend, old lover, Luc Redmayne, happens upon a streetfight in a tavern yard, and a "hired sword" enters the fortress of Rhondia as Seb's bodyguard.

With the fresh eyes of an "outlander," the shrewdness of a soldier of fortune from Yulminster, and the help of a young gypsy shaman, Jack Leigh uncovers the pitch-black, treasonous magic which is simmering just beneath the surface of Rhondia.

And when Jack, Seb, Luc and gypsy, Janos Zaparasti, finally lay their hands on the Basilisk ring, the symbol of the great houses of Rhondia, they unleash the very forces they have feared.

From page one, it's mystery, action, gay romance — and more than a dash of the sensual in this new, and entirely original fantasy novel.

Reader reviews for this novel, and many more are available on Mel Keegan OnLine
Here's just some of the thoughts
shared by delighted readers...


First Email: I really loved that book! The creativity of just the bo'zhe is wonderful! Everyone does werewolves - but intelligent, immortal wolves who turn into men at the full moon (weremen?) are brilliant. So is having them be so gorgeous that the beauty is a major weapon. Just one element, but as polished as a jewel. The koboldae and koboldlichen are the same - a unique twist on the traditional elves and trolls. I REALLY want to find out what happens next!

Second Email: Just finished reading Swordsman for the second time, cover to cover. I KNEW Mel's fantasy would be great. It gives the author so much freedom when he can make ALL the rules. Absolutely the only thing wrong with it is that you haven't announced that the sequel is in pre-print, or even better: ready to ship! I had another tired day at work the night after it came in the mail - I read til 1 am to finish it. The world building was just as tight and seamless as Mel's SciFi and historicals, and the magic both believable and consistent. So often the weakest point in a good fantasy is the magic system - it either has so many holes you can't go with it, or it takes over and the people and plot are just a way to show off the author's cleverness. Not with Mel! His characters and their romances are always the most special part of the books. They're real people, and it's impossible not to become totally involved with them. Jack Leigh (Congratulations again on modeling for the cover) is full of surprises right to the end. He ties the whole thing together, but in spite of being more than strong enough to dominate most books it doesn't happen. Seb won't let it, and Janos comes very close to stealing center stage right out from under the both of them. Luc has a quieter role, but anyone who can match Janos (and he does!) can hold his own in any company. The only problem is that the book ends. I want to know what happens next! I see at least three more books just with Seb and Jack, and if I can see that, who knows what Mel can do? Not to mention Janos and Luc's stories. I REALLY want to know where Janos is headed. I know Scorpio is coming out in July (yes! More Narc!) and Cry Liberty and a heavy schedule after it, but please tell me Mel's at least thinking about a sequel to Swordsman. Please? And I've got to tell you, after this taste of Mel's fantasy, I can't wait for more. When's Harbindane due out again?


I hope you good people at DreamCraft will pass along a message for me, to the desk of Mr. Keegan. Just tell him, I shall scream if he doesn't write the follow-up novel(s?) to this book, and get it done some time time millennium!!! Don't believe I ever latched onto a set of characters as fast as I did to these. There's somthing about Seb and Janos and Luc, not to mention Jack ... I want to use the word 'timeless,' but it's gotten to be a hackneyed phrase, and in any case, it ain't what I mean. The characters are so real. You can actually feel Seb's aches and pains ... you can feel Janos' hair running through your fingers. I think, of all MK's works to date, this book is the one that 'does it for me' the most. Don't get me wrong: I love Jarrat and Stone as much as the next reader, and if I feel in the mood for historicals, it's usually THE DECEIVERS I reach for (good God, it was so realistic, I felt seasick in patches of the narrative! You'd think MK grew up on a ship. He, uh, didn't did he...?). But the whole concept of the Riverland and the gypsies and the shamanic magic and the glorious werewolves/werepeople and the 'middle ages' type of civilization and the swordsman himself ... woah. I think I have to stop right here and go read the book again. Just tell MK: if he doesn't write the follow-ups soon, I'll be a nervous wreck!!

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Feel like shipping out? It's 1962, when the steamships were destroying the world of sail. Meet Jim Hale and Bill Ryan, two of Mel's most popular (and most delicious) gay heroes! Jim's about to inherit a small shipping company, and Cap'n Bill is the best "white water skipper" in the business. But the steamers are killing their trade, and Jim's old father is making their lives hell, since he discovered they're having a wild affair, and ...

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Or are you more in the mood for a blood-'n-thunder SF romp, black leather and big bikes? Then, it's WINDRAGE for you. You're about to make the acquaintance of Jon Cameron, the lawman in charge of Windrage, a tiny frontier settlement. There, survivors of a cometary strike in the very near future are trying to start the world again. They face not only the nuclear winter and massive windstorms, but also the Stone Angels, an outlaw gang which lays waste to frontier towns. Enter the gunfighter, Scott Warne. Lust at first sight — before the Stones roll into town. "It's the end of the road ... in a world that's turned to ice!"

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DreamCraft is a multimedia studio in Australia. We signed with Mel in 2001, to produce the new editions of the "vintage Keegans," and all new titles. Since then, we've done 25 titles...

At least as many are in the works, including THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE, which is MK's new book, due in late 2008. Be on the mailing list ... don't miss a thing!
Gay books: new Mel Keegan titles are being
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